I was raised in Dodgeville, WI and graduated from Purdue University in 2009 with a B.S in Aerospace Engineering with Highest Distinction. I am an expert in launch vehicle and spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineering. I have helped design the Falcon 9, Falcon 9 v1.1, and Electron launch vehicles and the SpaceX Dragon and NASA CPOD autonomous rendezvous and docking satellites.  In addition to GNC, I have extensive experience with programming, systems engineering, and mission operations.  [Linkedin]

Cycling through Moldova (2013)

Cycling through Moldova (2013)

I have lived in Dodgeville, West Lafayette, Huntsville, Houston, Los Angeles, Auckland, and Laguna Beach.  My travels have taken me to Australia, Senegal, Madagascar, Mexico, Canada, Belize, Guatemala, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand.  My interests include:

  • Long distance bicycle touring & mountain biking
  • Rockets, satellites and space
  • Scuba diving decompression physiology and physics
  • Freediving & Spearfishing
  • Small house design and sustainable materials
  • Photography

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