Into Australia

I finished my short bike tour of Bali! Luckily, no flat tires or any real problems. People were always super nice and smiled at me all the time. I learned a very basic set of bahasa, and combined with some hand motions, communication wasn’t a problem. The penultimate day of the tour, Mira and I […]


I’ve pulled over in Amed to get training in free diving (apnea diving), something I’ve been pretty interested in for a while. Imagine diving with no tank, no regulator, no vest…no bubbles. It’s romanticized for good reason – pulling yourself head first into deep blue with closed eyes on a single breath is quite a […]


Edwin joined me in Bali and we quickly took a taxi up to Bali dive central: Tulamben. The ride was pretty pleasant and our taxi driver was pretty cool with the exception of an offhand comment about rolling someone into a ditch. Tulamben is dive central, but good luck finding anything else. It’s a town […]

Cultural Overdose

Bali is an amazing place. I’ve never felt like I was in such an exotic environment. Hindu statues are everywhere. Around every corner, in the street, in the dry cleaners. Indonesia is almost 100 percent Muslim except for the island of Bali which is Hindi. Stonework on the island is intricate but the basic pieces […]

The Jungle

The ride to Taman Negara…into the jungle The village is pretty small and full of guesthouses and floating restaurants. And a strange mix of technology The oldest rainforest in Malaysia harbors enormous trees. I tried arranging a two day trekking tour but failed because there simply weren’t enough tourists here in the slow season. I […]

Kuala Lumpur

I’ve never seen such a multi-cultural city.  In Kuala Lumpur (and presumably the rest of Malaysia) is a heterogeneous mix of Malay Muslim, Chinese Buddhist, and Indian Hindi. There’s temples and places of worship all over the place, but people don’t seem to be very strict adherents (through my untrained observation).  Skin color, dress, and […]