Sound Travel

I finally got to a decent internet cafe and was able to upload my audio recordings of the past few months. They were made mostly with the Rode iXY through my iPhone unless stated otherwise. I usually had the gain set pretty low, so you’ll have to jack up your speakers to really hear the quality. If the audio doesn’t play (or you don’t see play buttons for the audio), you probably need to update your browser.

Taman Negara – Malaysia

The first track was recorded when Olga, Jasmine and I were walking back to our guesthouse on the border of the national forest, Taman Negara. The bugs were very loud and I believe sitting in a puddle.

The second track was recorded during a solo hike in the forest. I was probably picking leeches off my legs while it was recording!


Kuta Storm – Bali

Simply an awesome lightning strike during a storm near my hostel in Kuta

Tulamben – Bali

Edwin and I stayed in Tulamben, a small town on the main highway in North-East Bali. We dove three or four times per day for a few days! Just before sunrise, around 4:30 or 5:00, the forest to the South would awaken and become amazingly loud with animals. It would quiet down only 15 minutes later, so I had to set my alarm right to catch this.


Reggae Community – Gili Trawangan

I found a true reggae community on the North side of GiliT. I don’t remember the name, but Payu was the frontman, so to speak, and I loved the sound so much I came back two days later to record some of their songs (with their permission, of course). After an hour of figuring out how to transfer the files to their computer, we played the recordings back over their stereo drinking beers in the makeshift bar on the beach. They all lit up when they heard the tracks and were super interested in the microphone – and even wanted to buy it from me – which I would have sold to them, but figured it would be a bad idea because it’s not too simple to use and transfer files across.

I really regret not taking a picture of these guys – they all looked like Johnny Depp out of Pirates. Waist long dreads with beads and trinkets placed so they made sounds as they walked. So you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Balinese Prophet

Finally, the audio recording of the Balinese prophet where Mira, Marco and I went to become purified on the new moon. I felt strange recording the audio as it felt pretty personal, but it’s an experience I won’t forget. This was recorded with the built-in mic of the iPhone so the quality isn’t so good.


Goa Luwah

My final recording is of the Bat Cave Temple (Goa Lawah) along the East Coast of Bali. This was on my bike route, and the day before I met up with Mira I ventured into temple. Everyone was pretty surprised to see a guy on a bicycle AND to have his own sarong. I could tell they were disappointed to see that I didn’t want to buy a sarong or whatever else they were selling, but after being excessively friendly, they came around and saw me as more than a rupiah sign.

The cave had a massive amount of bats, completely covering the visible walls in the cave. I wasn’t allowed to enter the cave for religious reasons. I’d see a bat fly into the swarm on the wall and displace another bat or two, which would then fly to another part of the wall and displace another bat or two…it looked like a hive!


Bats! – But a bad picture.