Disaster in Mojave

It’s been a tragic week for the commercial space industry. With the media primed from the spectacular fireball of the unmanned space station resupply mission ORB-3, tragedy struck in Mojave with the in-flight breakup of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo on its third powered flight, killing one test pilot. This marks the first in-flight fatality of the […]

Tiki Tour

Hola Amigos! It’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but things have been pretty busy with your pal Sol. I expanded my free time about a month ago by working part-time – so only Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for me. After putzing around in my new found time trail running, freediving, and […]

Sound Travel

I finally got to a decent internet cafe and was able to upload my audio recordings of the past few months. They were made mostly with the Rode iXY through my iPhone unless stated otherwise. I usually had the gain set pretty low, so you’ll have to jack up your speakers to really hear the […]


I’m finally settling down from traveling. The amazing freedom, exploration and companionship I found in Bali is slowly merging to a traditional lifestyle I enjoyed in Los Angeles. I certainly miss traveling already, but there is an amazing amount of potential ahead of me once I get accustomed to the lifestyle. I stepped off the […]